Social Innovation - India 

This research explores what motivates slum teachers to go beyond the call of duty, and the positive impact their efforts are having on the students and the broader community. More broadly, we study how, and under which conditions, ecosystems of organisations specialising either in designing innovative solutions or in scaling, provide high-quality, low-cost education for millions of kids; reducing poverty and increasing basic human freedoms.

Main partners: Gyan ShalaIIM Bangalore


Women Entrepreneurship - Nigeria 

We explore trajectories of a cohort of 500 early-stage women entrepreneurs in Lagos and Abuja, participating in a multi-stage, innovative group-based training programme on financial and entrepreneurial management skills. As part of the project, we investigate the role of micro-organisational processes and behaviours, for instance, around learning, entrepreneurial proactivity and networks, and their implications for the focal enterprises and for the entrepreneurs themselves, for instance, in relation to their identity, household outcomes, and potential implications related to the broader society.

Main partners: Cherie Blair FoundationEnterprise Development Center Lagos Business School


Leadership Development - India

This research project focuses on leadership development in start up social enterprise teams in India. It explores how different types of leadership models emerge, function and develop in various types of early stage social enterprise teams, across India; and how these leadership approaches in turn influence team and enterprise level outcomes, such as team learning and enterprise performance, in these impact centric organisations.

Main partners: UnLtd India


Tech Entrepreneurship - Kenya


We study how, and under what conditions, entrepreneurs most effectively pivot, with a view to enable further growth, employment creation, and better performance. Our focus is on micro-organisational processes, cognition and reactive vs. proactive learning behaviours at various start-up stages. We focus on entrepreneurs at iHub in Nairobi, one of the leading incubators for IT entrepreneurs in East Africa.

Main partners: iHub

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