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Our knowledge-sharing extends to our global partners in Africa, Asia, and Latin America. Our approach has developed over the past 8 years through a number of channels:

  • A variety of dedicated courses at  Bachelor, Masters, PhD, and executive level, at  LSE and partner universities in South Asia and Africa (e.g. the LSE-UCT programme)

  • On-site, evidence-based student consulting projects with social entrepreneurs, companies with social goals, and NGOs in South Asia, Africa and South America

  • Our active global community of hundreds of alumni from these courses

  • Many on-site workshops in South Asia, West, East and Southern Africa, and South America with local social start-ups, and global and local companies and NGOs, to grow and scale up new social ventures

  • Research and managerial articles, key notes at conferences, blogs.

​In terms of the Social Development Goals (SDGs), we are currently mostly engaged in four programmes: primary and secondary education and skills training (SDG4), health care (SDG3) agriculture (SDG2), and those nurturing entrepreneurs themselves - for example, at incubators (SDG10, creating productive employment and inclusive growth); with each of them aiming to end extreme poverty and inequality (SDG8).

​Our lab researchers publish consistently in the top journals in their field and are funded by major, competitive research grants, such as Leverhulme, Dutch National Science Foundation, and recently, the £1+ Mio advanced European Research Council grant. 

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