Ben Berger

Alum 2017-2018

Co-Founder & Executive Director of The Kindness School Foundation

Ben is a B Leader and social entrepreneur, working on projects in education and sustainability. He is the Founder and Executive Director of The Kindness School Foundation, a social enterprise working with over 3000 primary school teachers around the world on making social-emotional learning and Global Citizenship education a core part of their curriculum. As a B Leader, Ben also supports for-profit companies to attain B Corp status by providing end-to-end support throughout the certification process.

Germán Zubía

Alum 2011-2012

Co-founder of Connovo

Germán is a co-founder of Connovo, the first impact venture builder based in Mexico. He has over 15 years of experience in the socio-economic development, social entrepreneurship and impact investment fields in Mexico, Canada, South America, United Kingdom and India working with organisations such as Ashoka, IBM, GDP Global, ProMéxico, Ternium and Vitro. Germán is trained as an Industrial Engineer and holds a MSc in Local Economic Development from the LSE. 

Sofia Zab

Alum 2011-2012

Marketing Director at Branch.co & Co-founder of Sokotext

Pallavi Gupta

Alum 2010-2011

Founder & Managing Director, FifthEstate

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